Tuesday, April 1, 2014

You Are Enough

You are amazing!

Stars are giant fusion reactors that transform hydrogen atoms into all the other elements in the universe. Millions of years ago, when stars went super nova, they spewed those other heavier elements throughout the universe. That’s where the oxygen in our lungs and the iron in our blood came from. You are made of stardust.

I am here today partially because the descendants of the Maya moved north from Central Mexico and then east into what is now the southeastern U.S around 800 AD. I’m here partially because a Serbian nationalist assassinated Archduke Ferdinand to precipitate the First World War. You are here, with your bodies of stardust, as the result of your own very amazing stories.
Accept All of You.

Most of our experiences, good and bad, are incorporated into our unconscious in what is called implicit memory. Implicit memory shapes our inner world and determines what it feels like to be ourselves. It gives us expectations, models for relationships, emotional tendencies, and our general world outlook.
Being mindful of your inner world—what you feel and sense and interpret about your outer experiences—helps to heal the damage of past injustices, even those that occurred when you were younger. Mindful attention to your own experience activates many of the same circuits that are stimulated in childhood by the caring attention of others.
Treat Yourself Kindly
Throughout the day, deliberately bring kindness into your actions, your speech, and most of all, your thoughts. Try to interject more themes of kindness in the movies in your mind—the simulator. The more your simulator fires the neural networks with kindness, the more the neural networks are reorganized to support more kindness and the more kindness turns up in the real world.


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