Sunday, February 13, 2011

Creatively Mindful

Creativity is enhanced by being more fully in the present moment where we have more options for self-expression. In fact, the here-and-now has all our real options; no other options exist. With conscious awareness of all our options, we can find better solutions, see more possibilities, and better enjoy the creative experience.

Creativity and meditation occupy a very similar type of awareness: engaging one supports and augments the other.

Artful Meditation workshops provide opportunities to explore deep awareness with a particular focus on creative expression. Often what holds us back from being more fully present are our judgments an our sense of "who we are." When we learn to cultivate creative mindfulness, we reconnect with the Muses and are able to explore new pathways to working with our selves in a friendlier, non-judgmental way so that we can observe and diminish self-judgment and negative criticism. We stop being our own worst enemy and become our best ally.