Be Ready for Anything

Life comes at you hard. Be ready for it. Stay centered and balanced; that way you can respond from a position of strength to anything that comes your way.

When you escape the constraints of conditioned thinking, you will gain clarity of mind and see your options more clearly. You will recognize that you have everything you need to deal with life and deal with it more effectively. You will stop relying on common sense, the reasoning based on social convention, and you will rely instead on uncommon sense, which comes when you see things as they really are.

As in martial arts training, Artful Meditation teaches you to keep your center of gravity, to remain balanced at all times, so that no matter what comes and no matter from which direction it comes, you are ready for anything.

If you make preparations based on expectations from past experience, then you will not be prepared when something different assails you. By the time you reposition yourself to react to the unexpected events, it's too late. You are forced to react defensively.