Saturday, September 11, 2010

Who Are You Really?

We simply have no tolerance for uncomfortable situations. We cannot wait to get away from anyone and anything that makes us feel uneasy. Some of us become expert at avoiding those situations. This tendency to stay away from what we don't understand slows our growth as human beings. We cannot run from life and yet hope to be fully participating in its richness. The better path is the one that leads us to higher levels of comfort in the larger arena.

Artful Meditation is a vehicle for learning how to become comfortable in difficult situations and how to engage with people who make us uneasy. Mindfulness-awareness practice is the foundation of Living Meditation training. It provides the tools for cultivating loving-kindness and compassion, the qualities we need to be comfortable with life.

Artful Meditation practice moves us closer to our thoughts and emotions and brings us back to awareness of our bodies. This full immersion in the waters of life washes away the veil of indifference that separates us from the lives, indeed the suffering, of others. It is our vehicle for learning to be a truly loving person.

What we discover is that it was our fear of what we didn't know that made us uncomfortable and the greatest unknown in our lives was--ourselves. Artful Mediation helps us to become comfortable with who we are and then we can face the world with confidence.


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