Friday, September 7, 2012

A Little Insight

Sometimes the conditioned mind works wonderfully for us. After all, its original purpose was to help us survive in a hostile world. Any yet, sometimes it seems to be the problem. The analogy of a wild fire works for me. My mind sometimes keeps reminding me of possibilities that I don't really help me and my serenity, my concentration, and my health--emotional and physical--are burned, charred and ashed. Mindfulness allows us to see that the wild fire is an illusion, even though the burning and suffering is real.

Meditation is the gateway to our comfort zone. It is a process that teaches us to let go of habitual clinging to and desire for the "things" of life that pollute our mind and, in the process, we reconnect with our true self. Our stable, calm, sure self.

We have allowed many of our skills to weaken, we have lost touch with our innate powers, and we have forgotten much of in-born knowledge of how to live happily; all because of dependence on so many external things.

Mindfulness meditation restores our capacity as powerful beings and refills us with stillness, compassion and empathy. In our daily lives we release the sparks of love and blessing that have the power to renew and revitalize the world.


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